Strategic Plan 2015

Shaping Our Future - Healthy Together logo In December of 2010, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre embarked on a new Strategic Planning process anchored in engagement. This new Strategic Plan provides guidance to TBRHSC as a leading academic health sciences centre through 2015.

The Values that drive TBRHSC have been carefully chosen. They are embedded in our Patient and Family Centred Model of Care and integrated into our culture.

Patient and Family Centred Care is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient/family preferences, needs and values, and ensures that patient values guide all clinical decisions. It is the foundation upon which our Strategic Plan is built. Patients and Families have not only been involved in the development of this Plan, they will figure prominently in its successful implementation.

View Strategic Plan 2015This Plan reflects our commitment to engage our community and partners. Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre applied a robust Engagement Process with our Five Partners in Health: community members, health managers, policy makers, health professionals and academic institutions. Through measured examination of the environment and health status of the residents of Northwestern Ontario, a review of our past successes, and this broad partner engagement, TBRHSC developed Strategic Plan 2015, that will lead to the achievement of our Vision: Healthy Together.

To achieve this Vision, we will focus on the needs of the population that we serve. With the patient and families at the centre of everything we do, we will focus our efforts on Aboriginal Health, Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, Comprehensive Clinical Services and Mental Health and Addictions.

Comprehensive Clinical Services

We will partner to deliver comprehensive secondary and tertiary services to provide evidence-based care that is focused on quality and patient safety for the people of Northwestern Ontario.

Aboriginal Health

Our journey towards excellence in Aboriginal Healthcare delivery begins with improving our physical and cultural environments to reflect the expressed values, practices and traditions of Aboriginal communities.

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

In collaboration with our partners, we will provide an evidence-based system-wide approach to Chronic Disease Prevention and Management that reduces the impact of disease.

Mental Health and Addictions

We will collaborate to create a more compassionate, knowledgeable, safe and connected system to improve the overall health and quality of life for people living with mental illness and/or addictions.

Our next four years will be exciting for a lot of reasons. Leading-edge patient care comes from the integration of excellent Clinical Services, Learning and Research. We will continue to build on agreements and partnerships through engagement. In shaping our future, we will become Healthy Together.