5 Partners in Health

Engagement Process

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC) is committed to meaningful Engagement. True Engagement is a process of collaboration and decision making that goes beyond surveys and consultations. Engagement values the rights of everyone to have a voice in decisions that affect them and enables transparency and accountability.

To create TBRHSC’s Strategic Plan 2015, we applied the Dr. Charles Boelen’s “5 Partners in Health” model of Engagement, which invites policy makers, health professionals, health managers, communities and academic institutions to come together to have critical conversations and make decisions. Consensus building among partners during these conversations allows for differing viewpoints and experiences to influence group choices. Decisions made with full engagement allow for a smooth transition to implementation.

We are extremely pleased with the outcomes, and proud to report that 94% of the activities identified in the Strategic Plan 2015 were completed. View the full plan and a report on results here.

Building on our success, TBRHSC hosted 18 Engagement sessions with focus groups to develop the Strategic Plan 2020. In addition, community members were invited to complete print and on-line forms to indicate their healthcare priorities. All of the feedback helped inform Engagement sessions with the 5 Partners in Health. More than 1,300 people contributed to the new strategic plan.

They talked about what was important to them and brought the best solutions forward. Together, we determined how we could deliver the best care for our patients.