The Research Ethics Board (REB) functions to:

  • Approve, reject, propose modifications, or terminate any proposed or ongoing research
  • Review and make recommendations for approval of all proposed human subject research involving TBRHSC patients, staff, physicians, students, residents, and hospital information
  • Safeguard the rights, safety, and well-being of participants in clinical research
  • Educate, support, and mentor researchers regarding the process of ethical review

Principles of Ethical Review:

In the context of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Guidelines on Research Involving Humans, the REB subscribes to the following ethical principles that are commonly held and valued by diverse research disciplines:
  • Respect for Person
  • Concern for Welfare
  • Justice

Online resources are available to assist the researcher with the development and submission of research protocols and study documents. Direct links have been provided for REB Forms that can be completed by the researcher, including the REB Application. As a result of feedback from researchers and REB members standardized tools for the pre-screening and formal review of all projects submitted to the TBRHSC REB have been posted for researchers to access in an effort to increase transparency of the review process. These forms can also be used by researchers filling out an REB application to assist them in ensuring they have met the requirements as listed.

The REB Application Process including meeting dates is also available for the upcoming year. For further information about Research Ethics Board submissions, please contact:

All research applications must also be registered by contacting The Research Program helps the researcher acquire research training and approvals for resources.

What's New

Important Notice

The TBRHSC Research Ethics Office will be operating under reduced capacity for the period beginning February 12th, 2018 with normal operations resuming on Monday February 26th, 2018. To avoid delays in the review of your submission, new or ongoing, please submit in advance of this period. We apologize for any delays that may occur.

Recruitment of Research Ethics Board Members for Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

TBRHSC is currently recruiting volunteers to serve on the Research Ethics Board (REB). We are looking for 1 new alternate member knowledgeable in ethics, and 1 new core member who is a physician.

If you are interested in more information about this opportunity, please e-mail your cover letter and resume to Laurel Knowles, Research Ethics officer at by September 22nd, 2017 @ 4:00pm.

Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview, with the final decision being made by the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Board Chair.

LU / TBRHSC REB Reciprocity Agreement

TBRHSC has entered into a reciprocity agreement with Lakehead University (LU) that impacts the process of research ethics review for all new studies requiring review by the TBRHSC REB and/or the LU REB.

The TBRHSC REB and LU REB will each review certain types of studies. Which REB performs the review will not necessarily be determined by the site at which the study is to be performed. To ensure the appropriate application is completed, please contact either research ethics office (REO) for guidance prior to starting your application and visit our Application Process page.

TBRHSC REO: 807-684-6422
LU REO: 807-343-8934

2018 Membership List (as of January 2018)

The Research Ethics Board is pleased to present the current 2018 REB membership list.Updates to the membership list will be provided once new members have been appointed.

REB Contact information:

The Research Ethics Office is the administrative gateway to submit applications to the Research Ethics Board. All communications regarding the research ethics review process should be directed to the

Research Ethics Office Telephone #: 807-684-6422