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Our Nursing Philosophy, Our Values

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  • Our Nursing Philosophy of Care is built on our values of quality, dignity, respect, accountability and commitment.
  • Our philosophy is one of dedicated, deliberate and compassionate caring.
  • We are committed to patient care as our primary focus. We provide skilled nursing care to all patients, family members and significant others based on their individual needs.
  • We coordinate the care provided by our partners on the Health Care Team in order to provide optimal patient outcomes.
  • We maintain a commitment to excellence in practice and professional growth supported by our Nursing Professional Practice Model.


Our Nursing Values

Our values as Nurses guide how we lead, practice, teach, learn, listen and interact with others:



We protect the dignity and privacy of all patients, and base our care upon respect for the individual.



We are advocates for patients, families and significant others under our care. Each individual has the right to autonomy and self-determination and to that end will have the opportunity to participate in his/her plan of care, as well as determining with whom information will be shared.



We honor and respect the cultural beliefs, values, religious beliefs and backgrounds of patients, their families and significant others we serve, and we are mindful of these beliefs and values as we develop each patient’s plan of care.



We recognize the contributions to meet goals of care that are made by nurses and other health care professionals with different and complementary types of expertise and preparation.


Profession Excellence

In order to achieve excellence in patient care, we value:

  • Evidence-based and standards-based nursing practice
  • Commitment to ongoing education
  • Membership in professional organizations
  • A clinical learning environment that incorporates innovation
  • An inquiring mind and critical thinking skills