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Cardiac Education and Rehabilitation Program Information

Click to listen to this page using ReadPleaseTBRHCS's award winning Cardiac Rehab Program is located at County Fair Plaza.

Our Philosophy

Through education, counseling and exercise, the Cardiac Education and Rehabilitation Program can help those with Heart Disease improve their physical and mental well being.


Our Program Provides


Education to help you:

  • Understand heart disease
  • Identify your risk factors
  • Make lifestyle changes


Exercise classes to help you:

  • Determine which types of activities you enjoy and may safely do
  • Increase your endurance
  • Reduce your stress
  • Reduce your risk for a future cardiac event


Other Services Available:

  • Individual counseling to help you develop coping skills and reduce stress
  • Individual diet counseling
  • Smoking cessation
  • Work related assessments


Education Component

  • On Heart Disease, Exercise, Medications, Nutrition and Stress
  • 5 one-hour sessions
  • Open to heart patients, families and interested persons
  • Contact the Cardiac Rehab office at 807-684-6060 for dates and times and to register


cardiac rehab

Exercise Component - what is needed to attend:

  • A physician referral
  • A stress test
  • Blood work
  • The motivation and desire to improve one’s health and lifestyle


Hospital based 3 to 6 month Outpatient Program

  • Classes are held twice a week and are one hour and fifteen minutes in length
  • Individualized exercise prescriptions are developed
  • Emphasis is placed on perceived exertion (RPE)
  • Progress is constantly evaluated


Community based Maintenance Program

Based at the Canada Games Complex. Participants purchase a six-month Cardiac Rehab membership which will allow them to access the other Complex facilities along with the Cardiac Rehab exercise classes. A yearly exercise stress test is required.


Freedom Of Consent

Information obtained while in the Cardiac Education and Rehabilitation Program will not be shared without your written consent with the exception of the following 2 parties:

  1. Your referring physician and/or Cardiologist, or
  2. Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Therapists at the Canada Games Complex only if you have been referred to the Maintenance program. Information obtained may be used for statistical analysis or scientific purposes without revealing your identity.


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